A professional documentary that explores how people with learning disabilities have been impacted by Covid-19, with a process that builds community and partnership throughout Wandsworth. This will be shared during the Wandsworth Arts Fringe Festival in summer 2021

The learning disability community has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, yet not enough people are speaking about it. Social isolation has been one of the main factors causing poor mental health. Mencap 2020 reported that ‘69% of people with learning disabilities said their mental health has been affected’.

The Baked Bean Company are exploring themes of mental health, isolation and barriers & resilience through the means of theatre based workshops. The workshops will run throughout the community of Wandsworth, with the hope of collaborating and engaging with the local council and commissioners.

The film will both document this process, and present the outcomes in the form of short directed vignettes created from the improvisation work in the workshops.

Watch a sneak peak here:

Actors at The Baked Bean Company want their voices to be heard and to be listened to. They hope that this documentary will show Wandsworth and the world their true experiences.

This is a free screening as we would like it to be accessible to as many audiences as possible. However, we would greatly appreciate donations to support us in our journey to develop our project further.