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Hannah Iannelli

Research assistant and training coordinator at Maudsley Learning


At Maudsley learning I work on educational research and the delivery of multiple projects, bring strong organisational psychology and research skills.

In 2018, I completed an MSc on organisational psychology and psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IOPPN) which focuses on different antecedents of physical and mental wellbeing in the workplace. A core passion of mine is managing and improving wellbeing in the workplace. Other key interests include, workforce development, motivation, managing demands and resources, emotional intelligence and leadership. My dissertation focused on student mental health specially focusing on academics signposting practices when managing students with mental illness.

I also completed a BSc in psychology and criminology at the University of Bedfordshire where my dissertation focused on behaviour and motivational differences part time and full time employee’s.

I have worked across different industries in both the private and public sector bringing diverse work experience to the team.