Nutritional interventions in Mental Health webinar – 26th July

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Upcoming Date: 26/07/2021
Upcoming Time: 13:00 - 14:00
Length: 1 hour
Cost: Free

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Patients with severe mental illness have a significantly reduced life span than the rest of the population. This group also has poor nutritional and lifestyle behaviours, which are related to the illness but may also be influenced by psychotropic medication effects. This webinar will focus on dietary factors in management of mental illness and uncover the recent research behind Mediterranean diet in depression. It will also explore the emerging science of the role of gut-brain-microbiota axes as the mechanism behind modulation of behaviour via dietary change. The presenter then proposes an outpatient based coaching style nutritional intervention model to implement personalised nutrition education in day to day clinical practice.

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Learning Objectives

This webinar will cover:

  • Understanding the extent of physical health morbidities in the SMI population
  • Limitations and constraints of nutrition research in mental health and current evidence
  • Role of gut-microbiota-brain axis in mental health conditions
  • Examples of Outpatient clinic-based nutrition interventions

Course Information

Length & Time
This webinar will be taking place online.
13:00 - 14:00

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Really helpful course and highly relevant
and useful to everyday work.
GP - London
The fusion of Education and the Health Service is extremely exciting and now indeed essential; I am thrilled that St Mary’s is at the forefront of this. I am truly invigorated to disseminate many nuggets of wisdom and tangible strategies gained yesterday to my entire school community.
Assistant Headteacher - London