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Upcoming Date: 21/10/2020
Upcoming Time: 09:30 - 16:00
Length: 1 Day
Cost: Free

About the course

Pharmacy and General Practice simulation course

A free 1-day, high-fidelity, immersive simulation based training course focusing on promoting mental health and well-being in patients. Designed for those in the front line of primary care and community pharmacy. Become confident and skilled in recognising mental distress and promoting well-being to reduce the risk of individuals developing mental illness.

This one day course is designed for pharmacists working in GP Surgeries who provide medication reviews. On this one day course you will increase skills and confidence in promoting well-being for individuals with long term Mental Health conditions, co-morbid mental and physical health issues and those experiencing mental distress for any reason.

Areas covered include:

• sleep difficulties
• deliberate self- harm
• heightened emotions
• eating issues
• amotivation to address health
• work related stress
• substance use
• anxiety about health

A group of people standing in a circle with their hands in the middle.

Learning Objectives

The participants attending the course will:

  • Experience increased confidence in recognising and exploring various signs of reduced well-being and mental health needs
  • Understand further how reduced well-being inter plays with the early onset of a number of mental health issues, and on which levels intervention can occur
  • Experience increased confidence and confidence to support people to improve well-being, including knowledge of where to signpost people for further mental well-being support
  • Learn how to consider the systems around a patient in more depth, and how to harness these positively if possible
  • Understand cultural differences in mental health illness, and well-being

Course Information

Target audience

GP, GPVTS, Pharmacist, RGN

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Length & Time
This course will be taking place online.
1 Day

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The fusion of Education and the Health Service is extremely exciting and now indeed essential; I am thrilled that St Mary’s is at the forefront of this. I am truly invigorated to disseminate many nuggets of wisdom and tangible strategies gained yesterday to my entire school community.
Assistant Headteacher - London
The knowledge and skills help children in many areas e.g. friendships, learning, attitude, dealing with problems at home and school. Skills will stay with them as they progress helping them to be reflective and emotionally resilient.
Teacher - London