Section 12 – Refresher course – 30th November 2020 – Digital course

Section 12

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Upcoming Date: 30/11/2020
Upcoming Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Length: 1 Day
Cost: £225.00

About the course

Section 12 Refresher Course

This is a one-day course is for doctors (psychiatrists, GPs and forensic medical examiners) seeking Section 12(2) re-approval and is only valid for doctors who are already section 12 approved.

At the end of this one-day course, medical practitioners will have sufficient knowledge of the Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA), the MHA Code of Practice and other relevant legislation (including the Mental Capacity Act) to enable them to make medical recommendations in support of an application for detention under Part 2 of the MHA.

This is an on-line blended learning course which combines eLearning modules with on-line live interactive sessions. The eLearning modules are sent in advance and must be completed by the afternoon of the course. The live interactive sessions are delivered in the afternoon, and are led by clinical and legal experts in mental health law. The course uses interactive quizzes, case discussions, talks, small-group break-out sessions and legal updates to ensure delegates are fully equipped to continue the role of Section 12 doctors.

The course covers:

  • Criteria for Detention under the MHA
  • Mental Health Law: The Legal Framework
  • Roles & Responsibilities of s12 Doctors
  • Role of the AMHP in the MHA Assessment
  • Service user and carer experience
  • Mental Health Act Documentation

Please note that this course is just part of the section 12 approval process. The approval process varies according to your location – please use the following links for more information:

If you are seeking Approved Clinician status for the first time, or to refresh your Approved Clinician status, please book onto one of our Approved Clinician courses here.

If you are seeking to Section 12 status for the first time, please book onto the Section 12 introduction course here.

Course applicants from South London & Maudsley NHS Trust should contact to book their place.



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Learning Objectives

What you will learn from taking this course:

  • an enhanced understanding of the criteria for detention under Part 2 of Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA), with regard to specific patient groups e.g. Children; Learning Disabilities, Older Persons and Mentally Disordered Offenders under Part 3 of the Act.
  • an understanding of the legal guidance contained within the MHA Code of Practice relevant to the role and responsibilities of s12(2) doctors and other professionals when undertaking MHA assessments.
  • an ability to identify the presence of mental disorder and the severity of mental disorder, and to determine whether the disorder is of a nature and/or degree which would warrant compulsory detention.
  • an understanding of the interface between the Mental Capacity Act 2005 'v' MHA and other related legislation e.g. Human Rights Act 1998 Act and Children Acts.
  • an understanding of current case law and its impact on practice and an ability to manage and take responsibility for making decisions in complex cases without the need to refer to supervision in each individual case.
  • an enhanced awareness of the impact of compulsory orders on service users and carers with appreciation of the balance between risk management and a person's right to self-determination and liberty.
  • an ability to keep appropriate records, with awareness of the legal requirements for completing statutory forms relevant to the initial detention of a patient under s 2, 3 and 4.

Course Information

Target audience

Consultant – psychiatry, CT1-3 – psychiatry, ST4-7 – psychiatry

Length & Time
This course will be taking place online.
1 Day

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The knowledge and skills help children in many areas e.g. friendships, learning, attitude, dealing with problems at home and school. Skills will stay with them as they progress helping them to be reflective and emotionally resilient.
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