This conference will provide an introductory overview of simulation-based education for mental health. Médecine Paris Centre, Université de Paris, will host Maudsley Simulation team, a leading centre pioneering this educational modality in the UK.

Simulation-based education is growing in all clinical fields. It offers genuinely interactive teaching to enhance knowledge as well as know-how and attitudes in realistic, controlled and psychologically safe environment. This innovative practice is increasingly adopted in the mental health field.

In the morning, we will present simulation-based education principles and history, its application in the mental health field and practical implementation. Maudsley Simulation expert team will discuss their experience and practical examples of their undertakings. In the afternoon, you will be invited to take part! Experiential simulation workshops will offer a taster of mental health simulation and its debriefing. The day will end on the presentation of a joint train the trainer programme.

This day conference will take you on a journey to explore a new world.

Morning lectures will be in English, afternoon workshops in French.

Date: 15th May 2020

Audience: Psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and allied professions with educational practice.

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