Ioana Parry

Lead organisational consultant and Registered occupational psychologist

Ioana is Lead Organisational Consultant and Registered Occupational Psychologist with a diverse range of expertise. With a passion for understanding human behavior in the workplace, she has dedicated her career to helping organizations optimise their talent and foster a culture of growth and success.

Areas of Expertise:

Talent Management and Assessments: Ioana excels in developing comprehensive talent management strategies, including competency frameworks, 360 assessments, and the design and execution of assessment centers. Her keen understanding of psychometric assessments and people analytics enables her to identify and nurture the best-suited talent for any given organization.

Executive Assessments and Coaching: As a skilled practitioner, Ioana conducts in-depth executive assessments to identify leadership strengths and areas for development. Her targeted coaching techniques help executives enhance their performance and maximize their potential, contributing to the overall success of the organization.

Workshop Design and Facilitation: Ioana's creative flair and expertise extend to crafting engaging and impactful workshops on a variety of topics, including leadership, learning, organizational development, and employee well-being. Her workshops are designed to empower individuals and teams, fostering a collaborative and motivated work environment.

Research and Evaluations: Ioana is well-versed in conducting thorough research and evaluations, offering valuable insights to inform evidence-based decision-making within organizations. Her dedication to staying updated on the latest industry trends ensures that her recommendations align with best practices.