Learning types

Delivering education and training

Each of the mental health learning types below are key ways for us to deliver our education and training. Courses may be delivered through one modality, or may use multiple complementary approaches to ensure a valuable and engaging learning experience. This enables us to respond to educational needs with specific training courses, or whole programs that can be locally tailored.

Maudsley Masterclasses 

Maudsley masterclasses are one-day face-to-face educational events that provide cutting edge training on the latest research and clinical findings across mental health from leaders in the field. Courses cover a range of clinical and non-clinical topics and are suitable for a broad range of staff working in mental health and non-mental health settings.

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Maudsley Simulation 

Maudsley Simulation is the UK’s first mental health simulation training centre. Since 2014 we have successfully designed and delivered innovative simulation courses to learners as diverse as mental health staff, midwives, police, social workers, and actors. We currently offer over sixty courses covering a wide range of mental health-related topics, as well as bespoke courses.

Our peer-reviewed research has demonstrated improvements in knowledge, confidence, attitudes, and skills across multiple clinical domains, as well as in reflective practice, inter-professional working, and teamwork.

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Digital and blended courses

Maudsley Learning provides professional consultancy services on instructional design, development and delivery to produce the highest quality digital learning and blended (mixed online/face-to-face) courses. We are proud to partner with the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London.

In 2019 we will develop a portfolio of digital courses which will include mental health and wellbeing training , continuing professional development courses, and much more. We can develop courses that are bespoke to local requirements as well as contextualise digital content for a broad range of staff learning needs. We would be delighted to discuss course proposals with you.



Information and Booking

Our ever-growing portfolio of courses includes clinical skills training, updates on latest research, and continuing professional development for mental health professionals.