Webinar series – Challenging conversations with Geraldine Strathdee

challenging conversations with geraldine strathdee

This year, during covid-19, all healthcare services have rapidly changed the way in which they offer care to patients whether in hospitals or in the community. The pandemic has also changed the way in which we communicate with one another markedly. Challenging Conversations provides a forum for discussing many of these issues and focus on what we have learned and how we can make things better. It is an engaging, interesting and informative digital round table and brings together clinicians, experts and those with a range of lived experience. Please do register and come and be part of the conversation!


Upcoming Webinars

Topic: Human Factors, are we forgetting the human?

Date: Thursday 24th June

Time: 1-2pm


Mike Franklin, Non Executive Director SLaM, NHS England/NHS Improvement Joint Director of Equality and Inclusion

Faith Smith, Carer Representative, Senior Lewisham LA Exam Invigilator and contributor to Seni’s Law: Detention and Race Interrogated workshop

Dr Dawn Albertson, Chartered Psychologist, educator and leads Psychology at Bath Spa University

Professor Julia Riley, Clinical Lead Coordinate My Care and Palliative Care Consultant



Watch previous webinars

Topic: Community care: are we getting it right?

Do we think any Country has the ‘best’ model of Mental Health care?
What’s the learning about the optimal way to ensure evidence into routine BAU practice? Is this a nirvana we can’t achieve?
How can we strengthen the inclusion of patients, families and Carers in Community care models?

Date: Wednesday 12th May


  • Professor Roberto Mezzina, Regional Vice President, World Federation of Mental Health and Director of the International School “Franca and Franco Basaglia – The Practice of Freedom”
  • Professor Tim Kendall, National Clinical Director for Mental Health, NHS England
  • Dr Livia Martucci, Consultant in Perinatal Psychiatry and Clinical Lead for SLaM Community Perinatal
  • Dr Georgios Basdanis, Higher Trainee at SLaM and chair of the higher trainees committee with a special interest in Liaison Psychiatry


Topic: Trainees’ Talk: The future of Psychiatry

Date: Thursday 25th March

Panelists: Dr Victoria Chamorro, SpR at SLaM and Associate Fellow at Maudsley Learning, Dr Romayne Gad el Rab, Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Research Fellow at IoPPN and Design Researcher at Hyphen-Labs, Dr Jonathan Rogers Wellcome Trust Clinical Training Fellow at UCL and SpR in General Adult and Old Age Psychiatry at SLaM, and Dr Amelia Cussans, SpR at CNWL and mental health and climate justice activist.


Topic: Trainees Talk: Medication in Psychiatry? Do we need it? Have we ever got past the Bio-medical model?

Date: Thursday 25th February 2021

Panelists: Professor Sir Robin Murray, Joanna Moncrief, Anne Feloy, Jacob Krzanowski

Topic: Feeling festive? Is alcohol the other Grinch of Christmas? Is substance misuse a social or medical issue?

Date: Thursday 17th December 2020

Panelists: Ed Davie, Lambeth councillor, Derek Tracey, Cabinet Office Committee, Mike Kelleher, Becky Connelly, Alcohol Care Team.

Topic: Restrictive Practices – Do we need them? What are the alternatives?

Date: Thursday 26th November 2020

Panelists: Anthony Taylor, Mike Franklin, Lewys Beames, Carla Fourie & Jackie Edwards


Date: Thursday 29th October

Topic: BAME equalities: Are we doing enough?

Panelists Dr. Yetunde Ade-Serrano; Founder, Black and Asian Counselling Psychologists’ Group (BACPG), Myira Khan; Founder of the Muslim Counselling and Psychotherapist Network (MCAPN), Dr. Allison Edwards; General Adult Specialty Registrar (SLaM), Dr Rajesh Mohan; Psychiatrist (SLaM), Arleen Elson; Deputy Workforce Equalities Manager (SLaM)


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Meet the host

dr geraldine strathdee

Dr. Geraldine Strathdee C.B.E. O.B.E. Hon. FRCPsych

Dr Strathdee has had a portfolio career as a frontline NHS clinician, and as an academic, medical manager, policy maker, regulator, global improvement consultant, and leader innovator. Her career has been committed to tackling the preventable causes of mental illhealth in populations, developing leaders with the skills to increase equitable access to high quality, effective safe services, delivered by well trained and supported staff, in the best of modern estates with digital and technology innovations. She is passionate about empowering patients and staff to develop their potential, and the promotion of kind, compassionate, least restrictive care, that achieves optimal social and clinical outcomes for patients and high quality family friendly roles for staff.

Dr. Strathdee is the former National Clinical Director for Mental Health, NHS England, a National Professional Adviser at the Care Quality Commission, Non-Executive Director at South London and Maudsley NHSFT, Non-Executive Director, Community Health Partnerships, Vice Patron of the Poppy Factory, Co-founder of the Zero Suicide Alliance, Visiting Professor of Integrated care at University College London, and she consults on a range of global mental health improvement programmes.

Twitter: @DrG_NHS
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/geraldine-strathdee-6a549833/




Intended audience

This programme is aimed at anyone working within, leading or affected by healthcare services! So come one, come all.



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