Clara M de Barros

Patient Public Involvement representative

Clara is an experienced Patient Public Involvement representative. Clara was diagnosed autistic as an adult, and is a firm and passionate advocate for autistic people’s rights in society. She was a Governor for South London and Maudsley Trust, where she was also a trainer, and provided mentorship and advice to a Clinical Psychology PhD students, and now with PhD medical students. Clara has been in trial-specific activities during their development as a co-applicant, identifying priorities, commenting and developing research materials, undertaking interviews with research participants, etc. She worked for a Local Authority for 15 years, where she introduced the first ever quiet zone in an open office building, a sensory soothing space, where other people could benefit from working in both natural light, and no noise. Clara also sits on committees and boards and offers review of documents, studies, and otherwise. Clara has a Performing Arts Degree, but is also very passionate about neuroscience, and is currently doing an International Fellowship in Translational Research (medical research and development), a scholarship she won and for which she will graduate, in March 20121, and is a member of the first Covid-19 Public Research Panel. Introducing the Covid-19 public research panel | ARC South London (