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Training courses for mental health workers

At Maudsley Learning, you’ll find a range of training courses for mental health workers and Mental Health Trusts. We are an integral part of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and understand the training needs of your professional mental health workforce. We have a wide range of courses aimed at both specialist and non-specialist audiences, including non-clinical staff, taught by experts in the relevant fields.

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Why attend Maudsley Learning training?

Learn from the experts

Our team is made up of counsellors, researchers and mental health professionals with decades of combined experience. As a result, you’ll only receive the most accurate, up-to-date information. We also specialise in training healthcare workers, so we’re aware of the specific concerns you may have in your role and can adapt our courses accordingly.

Range of learning styles

Whether you like to learn online, in-person or via a blended course, we have a range of options available to suit your preferences. Our courses are delivered in a range of teaching methods. For example, some courses will be composed of pre-recorded videos, whereas others may include group sessions, simulation training or a combination of multiple methods.

Deepen your knowledge

If you’re already a mental health worker, you may be looking to specialise in a certain area. Our courses allow you to dive deeper into specific topics, so you can deepen your understanding. Our courses are ideal for continued professional development or if you just want to improve your awareness of certain issues.

Upcoming secondary care mental health courses

Frequently asked questions

What does mental health training include?

Mental health training includes improving awareness, understanding and skills relating to a range of mental health issues. Our training at Maudsley Learning includes a range of teaching methods, including pre-recorded videos, live talks, group sessions and simulation training.