The Maze Book

The Maze Book Fifth Edition

The Maze provides a practical guide to the Mental Health Act.

It aims to assist mental health practitioners, Mental Health Act administrators, Associate Hospital managers, staff working in general acute hospital settings and professional staff at all levels to understand the Act. The Maze book will be of interest to anyone with a general interest or who is studying mental health law. The book is not just suitable for those working in health, but also anyone involved in social care, legal or police work.

This completely revised edition of The Maze was published after the implementation of the 2007 Mental Health Act. It covers these important changes as well as changes contained within the 2005 Mental Capacity Act; 1998 Human Rights Act and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards which were introduced in April 2009.

It also covers significant changes in how mental health tribunals are organised, and the new role of the Care Quality Commission (previously the Mental Health Act Commission) in safeguarding the rights of people detained under the Mental Health Act.

This fifth edition includes the important changes to the Mental Health Act contained in the 2017 Policing and Crime Act which are dealt with in a substantially rewritten Chapter 7 of this Guide.

This Guide does not attempt to compete with more academic publications but seeks to present information about what is often a confusing and complex subject in a way which is both user-friendly and accessible to its readers.