Mental Health Webinars

by Maudsley Learning

Whether you want to upskill yourself as part of your CPD, or you’re just interested to learn more, our mental health webinars will provide you with world-leading information from our expert team. Our hosts are qualified psychiatrists, mental health professionals and researchers. We’re also joined by special guests, who can provide unique insights from their respective fields.

Our webinars have covered everything from neurological disorders to medication in psychiatry – and even headaches.

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Challenging Conversations

The pandemic has changed the way in which we communicate with one another markedly. Challenging Conversations provides a forum for discussing many of these issues and focuses on what we have learned and how we can make things better.

Braincast with Pospo

BRΛINCAST is a weekly 30-minute conversation with inspiring people from all around the world sharing their love about the most fascinating thing that happened to your head…your brain!

Kaleidoscope Live!

Kaleidoscope Live takes you behind the scenes of the monthly British Journal of Psychiatry column of the same name. It’s four friends, talking about the recent science that made them sit up and take notice.