Mental Health Training for Primary Care

Online and in person

We provide mental health training for primary care physicians and professionals. You can choose from online and in-person sessions on a range of topics, all with the aim of increasing awareness, developing skills and enhancing existing knowledge.

Perhaps you’re an individual who wants to brush up on their knowledge of mental health as part of your CPD. You may also be an organisation or practice looking to upskill your entire team, so they improve the care provided to your patients.

Our courses are suitable for a range of professionals, including GPs, nurses, medical students, receptionists, school staff and community groups.

Mental health issues are common in primary and community settings. However, surveys show that GPs and other primary care colleagues have a variable knowledge base around these issues and often feel a lack of confidence in their skills to deal with problems that arise.

The expectations of our patients, their families, and healthcare regulators mean this needs to be addressed better. Maudsley Learning understands the issues and takes a tailored approach to help you and your organisation deal with the challenge, whether you work for a small practice or commission services via your CCG or STP. All our courses are delivered by a highly-skilled clinical teaching faculty.

You can purchase an off-the-shelf course or work closely with our team to create something bespoke to your training needs. For more information please contact

Primary care mental health training courses

Commissioned options
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Group bookings

Maudsley Learning has a full range of courses to meet the needs of your organisation. Most can be delivered to you flexibly and tailored to your requirements. Discounted rate is available for group bookings.

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Bespoke courses

We are able to offer custom-made programs, whether digital or face to face, to meet the education and training needs of your organisation in the UK or internationally.

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We value research and knowledge-sharing and will continue to contribute to the literature base on mental health education, addressing important research questions in this exciting field.