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Mental health issues are common in general hospital settings. However, surveys show that hospital staff have low levels of mental health knowledge and lack confidence in dealing with problems that arise. The expectations of our patients, their families and healthcare regulators mean that this needs to be addressed.

As organisations move from critical incident management into recovery planning, all hospitals have multiple challenges on a mental health front. At Maudsley Learning, we can work closely with your team to create bespoke mental health training for your hospital staff, meaning the course can meet the specific training needs of your organisation. , or Alternatively, you can purchase one of our standard courses below.

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How it works

Our courses are delivered via a variety of learning methods. For example, they can include talks from expert speakers, group discussions, role play and even simulation training​. Courses can be delivered either in-person in London or online. Many of our online courses consist of pre-recorded sessions, so you can learn at your own pace. In short, you can choose a course that’s suited to the learning style of you or your organisation, so you can make the most of the training and maximise information retention.

Upcoming secondary care - physical health courses

Frequently asked questions

Why should hospital staff attend mental health training?

Mental health training can help hospital staff better care for patients experiencing mental health issues. If you want to specialise in this area in the future, training is a great way to advance your knowledge and enhance your CV. Training courses are a great CPD tool, as you’re being taught by leading experts, who will provide you with only the most accurate, up-to-date information available.

Are there any requirements for the courses?

There are rarely professional requirements, for example qualifications, to book on to our courses. However, they are aimed specifically at hospital staff working in secondary care settings. If you don’t work in one of these settings, you may benefit from one of our more general courses instead.