Maudsley debrief skills for mental health simulation

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Course information
Course information
About the course

This course provides an overview of debriefing skills used in simulation-based education (SBE) within mental health. It combines interactive group sessions, case studies, practical examples, workshop activities, demonstrations and small group practice.

You will explore the key interplay of clinical skills in mental health and debrief practice and get an opportunity to enhance your skills and confidence in using structured debrief models and navigate key challenges.

SBE has a recognised potential to enhance training, support workforce development and promote recruitment and retention in psychiatry and mental health. Many mental health trusts across the country engage with this innovative training model. Debriefing skills are essential to realise SBE’s full potential.

The course draws on successful SBE case studies from a range of multi professional groups, clinical issues and faculty development programmes. The course is facilitated by experienced simulation educators from Maudsley Simulation faculty.

Learning objectives
Increase their understanding of key concepts underpinning SBE Gain an increased knowledge of structured debrief models in SBE Increase their awareness of the interplay between debrief and clinical practice in mental health
Increase their confidence in using these models in their own practice Gain an enhanced ability to adapt debriefing principles flexibly to their requirements

Course schedule

Target audience
This course is for any clinician, facilitator or other involved with SBE with a Mental Health focus to support their faculty development programme. Academic, Allied health professional, Care coordinator, Clinical psychologist, Consultant – non-psychiatry any, Consultant – psychiatry, CT1-3 – non-psychiatry any, CT1-3 – psychiatry, Doctors, Forensic medical examiner, FY1, FY2, FY3, Manager or team leader, Midwife, Nurses, Obstetricians, Occupational therapist, Team Manager
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3 reviews


3 reviews
It was interesting, very educative, and increases reflection in all activities to act positively with clients carers families and staff members, and to find ways to improve on other skills.
This was a fantastic course. I thought it was for clinical education but the application is so much more. It has really helped me to grow my reflective practice skills. Great practical experience at the sim centre, with a chance to practice my own skills and get feedback.
Excellent course - well structured, expert facilitation