Mental health first aid (Blended course)

Course information
This course will be taking place online
Course information
This course will be taking place online
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About the course

Maudsley Learning and First Aid For Life have partnered to create a unique blended Mental Health First Aid programme that provides a three-year accreditation that can be delivered online or in-person to you or your organisation.

Our course uses a practical and applied approach to mental health first aid, providing learners with the knowledge skills and confidence to respond to mental health concerns they may encounter in the workplace, education, public settings, or personal lives.

What makes our course different from the others?

  • Designed and delivered with mental health experts from the internationally-renowned Maudsley Hospital
  • Highly interactive and enjoyable learning using realistic case scenarios and discussion to teach techniques that will enable you to assist others in distress
  • Simple, evidence-based strategies that anyone can use
  • One-day practical session focusing on practical skills and ‘what to do’ when dealing with someone with mental health difficulties
  • Blended teaching consisting of a self-directed pre-learning to provide essential background knowledge
  • Free copy of our exclusive Mental Health First Aid handbook for each attendee


The course teaches transferable skills such as how and when to broach difficult topics of conversation, how to de-escalate people when highly emotional or distressed, manage challenging behaviour, encourage help-seeking behaviours, and much more. You will also explore a variety of common mental health conditions, learn to give practical tips to promote mental wellbeing and direct to a range of self-help and professional mental health services.

Our Mental Health First Aid course begins with a 10-hour self-directed online module that can be completed at your own pace at home, followed by a one-day live interactive session that can be attended online or face-to-face. The pre-learning can be taken as standalone but will not lead to accreditation as a first aider.

Learning objectives

Take a curious and person-centred approach to enquire about a person’s mental wellbeing

Identify signs of mental distress or illness

Manage acute distress or risk issues related to a range of mental health conditions

Direct a person in distress to an appropriate service or resource

Identify when and how appropriate boundaries should be kept

Take a curious and person-centred approach to enquire about a person’s mental wellbeing


Course schedule

Target audience
These skills can be used by anyone to respond in a mental health emergency or have effective and supportive conversations with people experiencing mental health difficulties. Our first aiders include: · Managers, team leaders, and occupational health staff · Support workers, peer mental health champions, and educators · Healthcare workers and non-clinical healthcare sector staff · First responders and security workers · And many more….
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Length and time
This course will be taking place online
14/10/2021 09:00-17:00
8 hours
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