Mental Health Awareness for Acute Trusts

Course information
Course information
About the course

This course provides an overview of mental health problems that arise in the general hospital, primarily focussing on in-patient settings.

It will give the learners an overview of common mental health conditions, as well as the skills to be able to feel more confident in managing them as they arise.

Mental health conditions are very common but our systems are split between mental and physical health care provision. The courses covers:

  • Depression in the context of long-term physical health conditions
  • Anxiety disorders and how they interact with physical health worries
  • Crises, self-harm presentations and risk management
  • Personality disorder and how best to manage challenging situations
  • Severe and enduring mental health conditions such as schizophrenia and how patients are managed
  • MHA and the MCA and how they are used for the medically unwell patient.
Learning objectives
A much better understanding of a range of mental health conditions Improved knowledge about the interplay between mental and physical health problems in the general hospital
The skills to know when to ask for help around mental health issues The confidence to better manage mental health issue in your clinical environments

Course schedule

Target audience
Acute staff, Allied health professional, Nurses, Senior clinical manager
Upcoming date
Length and time
07/12/2021 09:15-16:30
7 hours
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