Nutritional interventions in mental health

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Course information
Course start date is passed
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Patients with severe mental illness have a significantly reduced life span than the rest of the population. This group also has excess of poor nutrition and lifestyle behaviours which are related both to the illness and may be influenced by medication. The webinar will focus on the dietary factors and uncover the recent research behind Mediterranean diet in depression and emerging science of the role of gut-brain-microbiota axis as the mechanism behind modulation of behaviour via dietary change. The presenter then proposes an outpatient based coaching style nutritional intervention model to implement personalised nutrition education in day to day clinical practice.

Learning objectives
  • Understanding the extent of physical health morbidities in the SMI population
  • Limitations and constraints of nutrition research in mental health and current evidence
  • Role of gut-microbiota-brain axis in mental health conditions
  • Examples of Outpatient clinic-based nutrition interventions

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Course start date is passed
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Anyone interested in nutritional interventions in mental health
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Nutritional interventions in mental health webinar
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We value research and knowledge-sharing and will continue to contribute to the literature base on mental health education, addressing important research questions in this exciting field.


2 reviews


2 reviews
This is vital learning for the health sector, and is fundamentally missing from the mental health system. I feel this information should be the first port of call for every mental health situation. While I agree there is a place for medications after diagnosis, often times the medications and diagnosis come before a thorough investigation is completed. This puts a huge strain on the NHS system, and fails in its duty of care to support patients. I would hazard a guess that the k ee-jerk prescribing is in direct response to the sheer numbers of people who are suffering with mental health issues for a myriad of reasons. As a holistic therapist, I am very interested in learning more and taking his into my practise as I grow.
Nice overview from a GP perspective, Ideas of what to look out for and possible interventions