Dr Angeliki Zoumpouli

Consultant psychiatrist, Medical psychotherapist

Dr Angeliki Zoumpouli is a Consultant psychiatrist and Medical psychotherapist, working in Touchstone, Croydon Personality Disorder service. She completed her dual training in South London and Maudsley. As part of her role in Touchstone and having been trained by Dr Miller, she led clinical direction of SUN, she is actively involved in T&I and she supports SUN facilitators with risk issues and processing any difficult group dynamics. She has a background in Philosophy of Mental Health (MA) and is interested in the clinical application of concepts such as empathy and transference. One of her main interests in clinical practice is formulating patients taking into consideration their attachment history and interactive style. She has published a few papers in these subjects including a guide to surviving remote therapy. She is also a published poet and have her personal poetry blog with poems both in Greek and English.

Courses by Dr Angeliki