In the space of just over a week, the The ExCeL centre in London’s Docklands has been transformed into a field hospital, NHS Nightingale – providing additional critical care capacity for London and further afield.

In the nine days it took to set up, the 87,328 square metres of double exhibition halls have been fitted out with the framework for about 80 wards, each with 42 beds. Some 500 fully-equipped beds, with oxygen and ventilators, are already in place and there is space for another 3,500. You can read more about how the centre was set up here.

In response to a call-up for Simulation Technicians, our simulation technician Kiran joined a group of other techs in helping to set up the education and training centre to provide safety-critical training and upskill a range of healthcare professionals.

Their organisational and planning skills were tested under pressure as they had to kit out various spaces with the latest simulation technology – with the first group of people arriving for training that same afternoon.

The training programme consists of clinical skills stations and simulation training, with many low and high-fidelity patient simulators including CAE’s impressive birthing simulator, Lucina.

The way in which everyone has come together and joined forces to get the centre up and running was truly spectacular – such a remarkable amount of work that helps to keep the NHS protected and strong.