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Our research and development agenda aims to ensure that all our courses are evaluated fully and many become part of a range of research projects. We capitalise on the clinical, educational, and research expertise of Maudsley Learning and our partners to ensure ongoing quality improvement for our courses.

Our quality assurance processes include routine evaluation of learning outcomes, professional development for our trainers, and central oversight of product development and delivery. As we create new courses and expand our portfolio we aim to meet the changing needs of our clients and new challenges in practice using the latest evidence-based educational methods. We value research and knowledge-sharing and will continue to contribute to the literature base on mental health education, addressing important research questions in this exciting field.We also aim to ensure that all new courses have an element of co-production with those with lived or shared experiences of the topics we teach. This can take many forms including advice and input, co-design, co-development and delivery. To find out more about our programmes please contact us for a conversation

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Inter-professional Simulation Training to Promote Working With Families and Networks in Mental Health Services

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience

Maudsley Learning is proud to work in partnership with subject matter experts in SLaM and the IoPPN to create high quality products. We also work with other education and training providers to take our products to the world. If you would like to discuss partnering with us, we would love to have a conversation!

The fusion of Education and the Health Service is extremely exciting and now indeed essential; I am thrilled that St Mary’s is at the forefront of this. I am truly invigorated to disseminate many nuggets of wisdom and tangible strategies gained yesterday to my entire school community.
Assistant Headteacher - London
The knowledge and skills help children in many areas e.g. friendships, learning, attitude, dealing with problems at home and school. Skills will stay with them as they progress helping them to be reflective and emotionally resilient.
Teacher - London


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Our ever-growing portfolio of courses includes clinical skills training, updates on latest research, and continuing professional development for mental health professionals.