Vital 5 Mental Health Courses available for health and social care staff in South East London

We are offering three distinct courses for health and care staff in South East London, to enhance their understanding and confidence in supporting mental health and wellbeing as part of the Vital 5 programme. The Vital 5 seeks to address five risk factors (including mental health) that have a major impact on population health and are leading causes of health inequity.

The first course, "Talking about mental health," is a short program designed to raise awareness among participants working in various contexts. It equips them with the skills to build trust, recognise and engage with people about common mental health challenges, bridging a gap between physical and mental health , and understand associated inequalities and risks,. This course also provides guidance on further exploration, responding to concerns, and referring individuals to additional services and support.

The second course, "Mental health: Understanding our communities - It's not the same for everyone," addresses gaps in training for professionals across diverse sectors in the region. It combines self-directed eLearning modules focusing on cultural competency and personal biases with a trainer-led facilitated workshop. Through real-life scenarios, participants apply their skills to support positive mental health outcomes manage long-term conditions, and promote wellbeing.

Lastly, the "Motivational Interviewing" course offers an intensive two-day interactive learning experience. The first day features expert-led teaching, while the second day is dedicated to simulation exercises. These simulations provide practical application opportunities for motivational interviewing techniques in health-related conversations concerning complex health issues as part of the Vital 5. Together, these courses empower South East London's health and social care staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate mental health challenges and address social determinants of health effectively.

Talking about mental health

This short course is designed for individuals working in various contexts in South East London to enhance their skills and confidence in asking about mental health within the broader framework of health checks and preventative healthcare services, ensuring equitable access to prevention & well-being

Mental health: Understanding our communities

This course aims to support professionals in Southeast London in addressing issues of trust and cultural understanding in communities, with a focus on positive mental health outcomes, managing long-term conditions, and promoting wellbeing.

Motivational Interviewing

This two-day course offers an interactive learning experience, featuring a full day of expert-led teaching followed by a dedicated second day focusing on simulation exercises. The simulations explore various scenarios, applying motivational interviewing techniques, focusing on Vital 5 risk factors.