Public Mental Health Training (2020)

In December 2019, we delivered a project for Health Education England with the aim of scoping the current provision of mental health promotion training. This involved input from various key stakeholders, including training providers, commissioners, and service users at various stages of the delivery to inform the outputs.

Piette, A. E., Attoe, C., Humphreys, R., Cross, S., & Kowalski, C. (2018)

As part of the project, we developed three resources to support the delivery and commissioning of public mental health training:

  1. A public mental health training directory collating information on over 60 training courses available in the UK
  2. A quality marker checklist that provides a framework for commissioners to assess the quality and suitability of available training based on agreed standards in the field
  3. A gap analysis identifying gaps and areas of development in current training provision.