Approved clinician refresher course

4.8 (9 reviews)
Course information
Length and time
9:00 - 17:00
£0.00 - £225.00
Course information
Length and time
9:00 - 17:00
£0.00 - £225.00
About the Approved Clinician refresher course

This is a one-day course for qualified clinicians (psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and nurses) needing to renew their Approved Clinician status.

As an online blended learning course it combines eLearning modules with interactive quizzes, case discussions, talks, small-group break-out sessions and legal updates to ensure delegates are fully equipped to continue working as Approved Clinicians.

The course covers:

  • Roles and responsibilities of Approved Clinicians, including practical aspects of becoming AC approved
  • Detention and liberty
  • Returning to the community and Community Treatment Orders
  • Appeals/hearing procedures
  • The service user and carer experience, and advocates
  • Legal updates
  • Interface with the Criminal Justice System
  • Mental Health law in specialist areas
  • Medico-legal case discussion and clinical vignettes

The eLearning modules are sent in advance and must be completed by the afternoon of the day of the course. The live interactive sessions are delivered in the afternoon. The sessions are led by clinical and legal experts in mental health law.

The Approved Clinician process

For doctors who are already AC approved, this course automatically covers section 12(2) renewal.

The course is a key part of the Approved Clinician renewal process, which varies according to your location. Please see the relevant contact details below:

If you are seeking Section 12 status for the first time, or to refresh your Section 12 status, please book onto one of our Section 12 courses.

If you are seeking Approved Clinician status for the first time, please book onto the Approved Clinician introductory course.

Course applicants from South London & Maudsley NHS Trust should contact to book their place.

Approved Clinician status under section 12ZA of the Mental Health Act 1983 (MHA)

Learning objectives
understanding of the requirements for maintaining Approved Clinician status. the role of Approved Clinician and how it differs from that of a Section 12 Doctor. commonly used compulsory orders and the use of compulsory orders in specialised areas.
the tribunal process including the provision of written & verbal evidence. the interface between the Mental Health Act, Mental Capacity Act 2005 and other relevant legislation, with up to date understanding of current relevant case law. the impact of compulsory orders on service users and carers, including greater appreciation of the balance between risk and liberty.

Why study this course?

Learn from the experts

Our sessions are delivered by qualified professionals who are leaders in their chosen field. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, setting you up for the best chance of successfully renewing your approved clinician status.

We work closely with King’s College London, and we’re part of the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM) – the provider of the most extensive portfolio of mental health services in the UK. This means you’ll receive training from respected, well-trusted organisations that have been researching mental health for decades.

Move closer to renewing your Approved clinician status

Although training is just one part of the renewals process, it will help refresh and advance your knowledge of the required topics. You’ll learn about mental health law, the roles and responsibilities of an Approved Clinician, appeals/hearing procedures and more. As a result, you’ll be able to put together an informed, accurate and up-to-date portfolio.

Course schedule

Target audience
Consultant – non-psychiatry any, Consultant – psychiatry, CT1-3 – non-psychiatry any, CT1-3 – psychiatry, GPVTS, ST4-7 – non-psychiatry any, ST4-7 – psychiatry
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9 reviews


9 reviews
The whole experience of applying for and participating in this course was easy. Regular updates were received and the information for course modules was sent out early which enabled flexibility in how these modules were completed. The course facilitators were friendly and inclusive and enthusiastic about the course which resulted in a good level of discussion being held. I would recommend this course to others requiring a refresher for their AC approval
Very well planned, subjects were relevant and compressive enough. Assessments were enhancing learning targets. Thank you Tarik Al-Kubaisy
well delivered.
The pre-course E learning was excellent, but took me longer to complete than the suggested time. The live sessions were good.
I have recommended this course to colleagues as it is well thought through and delivered from a clinical perspective
Excellent training.
It contains good modules It needed less case law cases and less questions but more focussed statements of facts
Up to date info with recent amendments
Well organised. The instructor was very good!