Children and young people’s mental health in general hospital settings

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Course information
Course information
About the course

This two-day programme includes one day of interactive case-based teaching followed by a day of simulation-based learning to practice and reinforce core skills. Participants will develop the confidence to work with children and young people experiencing psychological distress or mental illness in acute hospital settings.
While primarily aimed at paediatrics staff from all professional backgrounds, it is also suitable for junior doctors, junior psychiatry trainees, and mental health nurses with an interest in CYP mental health and CAMHS liaison. Through highly interactive and clinically relevant teaching you will learn to identify the signs of mental disorder, develop therapeutic rapport with patients, and manage a range of acute and non-acute presentations.

Topics covered


• Rapport building and therapeutic engagement
• History taking skills
• Identifying psychiatric symptoms
• Mental health comorbidities with chronic health conditions
• Neurodevelopmental disorders
• Behavioural problems
• Health behaviours and medication refusal
• Medically unexplained symptoms
• First-episode psychosis
• Risk assessment and management


• Practicing engagement techniques
• Managing acute distress and challenging behaviours
• Assessing risk and safety planning
• Safeguarding and legal aspects
• Signposting and accessing mental health care

Learning objectives
  • Identify signs of mental health needs in children and young people presenting in health settings
  • Consider the overlap between physical and mental health and wider determinants of health and wellbeing in their patients
  • Develop therapeutic rapport with children and young people
  • Formulate basic management plans, including signposting and referrals as appropriate
  • Prevent and manage behavioural disturbance in healthcare setting for CYP presenting with a range of mental health difficulties

Course schedule

Target audience
MH nurses (incl trainees), Healthcare assistants, Social workers Psychiatrists (incl trainees) , General hospital doctors, Allied health, Psychologists (incl trainees), General hospital nurses, Assistant psychologists
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