FY Competencies

Foundation Year Competencies (2020)

The Foundation Year Psychiatric Competencies project aimed to support foundation year trainees to develop their psychiatric competencies and choose careers in Psychiatry through learning opportunities and a clear ‘offer’ of training.

The project was commissioned by Health Education England, and delivered three resources to support engagement with foundation year psychiatry training opportunities:

  1. A Psychiatric Capabilities Framework for Foundation Year trainees
  2. A report mapping the Foundation Programme Syllabus against the opportunities for development through psychiatry placements
  3. A report detailing current practice and evidence for psychiatry training opportunities for FYs, including case studies
  4. A dedicated simulation training programme, Building the Foundations [HYPERLINK course page], for Foundation Year doctors and other medical trainees.


  • Foundation Programme Syllabus: Mental Health Placements
  • Psychiatric capabilities framework for foundation trainees
  • Scoping review of foundation year training