Supporting refugees with mental health needs

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Course information
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This session has been developed by GDWG ( Gatwick Detainees Welfare Group) staff together with mental health experts at Maudsley Learning and will provide participants at all levels of experience with knowledge and skills that they can use in their work with clients. Early sessions will cover key topics in mental health with an emphasis on understanding and recognising disorders commonly encountered in asylum seekers. There will be interactive learning around clinical cases that illustrate important skills needed to build rapport with people in distress. Most importantly, there will be plenty of opportunities for participants to ask Dr Shields about the challenges they have faced in their work.

In the afternoon session, Dr Shields will facilitate an unstructured reflective practice group in which participants will be able to share their thoughts and feelings about their work, discuss difficult cases, and reflect on their role in the client's journey.

Session timings will be flexible in order to adapt to the needs of learners on the day and provide ample time for questions and discussion.

Learning objectives
  • Identify when there are significant mental health needs in their clients
  • Use therapeutic engagement skills when working with distressed or difficult-to-engage clients
  • Use a reflective space to consider complex cases and their own role in the client journey

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We value research and knowledge-sharing and will continue to contribute to the literature base on mental health education, addressing important research questions in this exciting field.