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Course information
Course information
Course description

This one-day interactive simulation training course is open to new Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) ST4 trainees across London. It is aimed at trainees who will be involved in the care of children and adolescents under CAMHS specific community teams, specialist teams, inpatient facilities and within the setting of a general hospital; either within hours or out of hours on-call.

Course programme

This is a 1-day, high-fidelity simulation-based training programme for CAMHS ST4 trainees based in London who have recently started within their respective training programmes. Participants will have the opportunity to be involved in a series of simulated scenarios focussing on the assessment and management of a range of psychiatric presentations in children and adolescents. The course addresses the importance of working effectively and collaboratively with the family, carers, support networks and other professionals involved in the care of these service users. After each scenario participants are encouraged to reflect on experiences and learning through specifically designed debrief models, to help them learn positively and constructively from the experience.

Learning objectives

• To gain a greater knowledge of the processes, procedures, and expectations specific to a CAMHS ST.

• To increase confidence and skills in conducting a secondary, senior psychiatric assessment on a patient.

• To increase knowledge, skills and confidence in managing a range of conditions in children and adolescents presenting to CAMHS.

• To further gain confidence and skills in conducting a risk assessment and formulating safety plans with children and adolescents and working effectively with their family, carers and support networks.

• To increase knowledge, skills and confidence in using the appropriate legal frameworks within their practice, including conducting Mental Health Act assessments in a variety of settings.

• To increase skills and confidence in supporting a range of colleagues over the phone.

• To further develop skills in managing limited resources, including from a distance.

• To increase skill and confidence in managing challenging conversations and conflict resolution.

• To increase skill and confidence in complex decision making, to include greater awareness of the human factors and biases that affect processes, and how to manage them.

Course schedule

Target audience
CAMHS ST4s who have recently started training in London
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