We are delighted to invite you to join our first of many LIVE webinar series starting Tuesday 28th April. The focus of this series will be "The Psychiatry of Pandemics". Each webinar is free but there are limited places available – so we encourage you to book your place early to avoid disappointment!

Running weekly for the next five weeks, the series has been split into five sessions, each hosted by Dr Sotiris Posporelis with a different speaker per session. You can learn more about the speakers here. Book your place on the sessions below and we will also automatically send you a recording of the webinar after the event.

1. The Neuropsychiatric Legacy of Pandemic Influenza

The way people respond to a pandemic has been studied over the years. Mental health, wellbeing and psychological responses to pandemics is an interesting and relevant topic for today. Our experts host this seminar to examine and educate about the neuropsychiatric legacy of pandemics.

When: Tuesday 28th April 2020, 13:00-13:30

Speaker: Dr Thomas Pollak

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Download the Neuropsychiatric transcript

2. Psychiatric Presentations of Coronavirus Outbreaks

The coronavirus has had a significant impact on society and an influence on the overall mental state of the community. This psychology webinar details psychiatric presentation of the coronavirus outbreak by experienced psychiatrists.

When: Tuesday 5th May 2020, 13:00-13:30

Speaker: Dr Jonathan Rogers

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Download the Psychiatry and the Coronavirus transcript

3. The Psychopharmacology of COVID-19

Psychopharmacology is defined as the scientific study of the influence and effects substances possess on the emotional states, moods, sensations, cognitive processes, and behaviors of users.

When: Tuesday 12th May 2020, 13:00-13:30

Speaker: Dr Siobhan Gee

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Download the Psychopharmacology of Covid-19 transcript

4. Immunopsychiatry: infections, inflammation and the link with mental health

The immune system and mental health have been found to correlate in specific contexts. This psychology webinar explores immunopsychiatry by analysing the links between infections and inflammation with mental health.

When: Tuesday 19th May 2020, 13:00-13:30

Speaker: Professor Michael Eriksen Benros

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5. The Pandemic Ethics

When: Tuesday 26th May 2020, 13:00-13:30

Speaker: Dr Sridhar Venkatapuram

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Intended audience:

– Mental Health professionals both clinical and academic staff
– Immunologists
– Infectious disease specialists
– Medical students
– Mental Health academics (IoPPN staff and psychology, and medicine students)

Each webinar is free but there are limited places available – so we encourage you to book your place early to avoid disappointment!

Delegates can submit questions during the webinar via the on-screen question box. Written answers from the speakers and a recording will be sent to all delegates after the webinar.

We look forward to welcoming you to the webinar.

For anything else related to Covid-19, please visit our Covid-19 & mental health hub.

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