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Grief In Mind

Grief in mind

As the days draw further in and we gather around festive music it can be one of the harder times of the year for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

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Footbal 2022

World Cup blog

Stretch out to mental health

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Capture Stress

Let’s talk about stress

We all believe we know what it is, but, much like sex we may be fooled we know more than we do about stress. In shame, we may also choose to pause before we discuss the topic further. -Dr Camila Fadel

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Suicide prevention week

Dr. Greg Shields shares how to seek help if you are having suicide ideations and what you can do if you are worried about someone.

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Coming out

In this article, Dr. Camila Tooley wanted to consider how to support a coming-out conversation around LGBTQ+ identity with some tips from the therapy room.

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Unique grief of suicide

While sharing similar characteristics with other bereavements, the loss of someone through suicide comes with unique grieving challenges. Aleks Sunders writes

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