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Size doesn’t matter – either in psychometrics or brain volume

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Size doesn’t matter – either in psychometrics or brain volume

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We've covered the sex and drugs, watch the recording for the rock and roll.

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Phenotyping, Relapse, and Racism

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COVID and Ketamine

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The unsung hero that is statistics

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Moving mental health away from being a reactive field

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Positives of hedonism

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The role of media in suicide, a statistical controversy with fMRI data, and the perceived helpfulness of treatment.

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Meet host Derek

Dr Derek K. Tracy

Derek is the Medical Director of West London NHS Trust, and a senior lecturer and King's College London and University College London. He's the editor for public engagement at the British Journal of Psychiatry.

Meet host Dawn

Dr Dawn N. Albertson

A neurobiologist by training, Chartered Psychologist by title, and educator through blood, sweat and tears, Dawn currently leads Psychology at Bath Spa University.

Meet host Sukhi

Professor Sukhi S. Shergill

A multilingual MD/PhD, Sukhi is a Professor of Psychiatry at Kent and Medway Medical School in Canterbury and Professor of Psychiatry and Systems Neuroscience at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience at King’s College London; Director of Research and Consultant Psychiatrist.

Meet host Dan

Dr Dan W. Joyce

Certified genius and MD/PhD wunderkid, Dan works at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford and is a Consultant Psychiatrist with Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Three psychiatrists and a psychologist walk into a pub (or, in these unprecedented times, a Zoom meeting)….to talk science! Kaleidoscope Live takes you behind the scenes of the monthly British Journal of Psychiatry column of the same name. It’s four friends, talking about the recent science that made them sit up and take notice. Whether it’s about the brain, mental health, or the human condition, Kaleidoscope Live! will bring you today’s most fascinating research. So, pull up a chair. Let’s talk science.

Intended audience

Kaleidoscope Live is designed to be accessible for all. We welcome anyone with an enthusiasm for science, the human mind, and mental health to our table. Cheers!

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