Eating disorder for adults simulation course

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Course information
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This one-day online simulation learning course is designed for clinical staff working in general adult psychiatry settings, general medical settings, primary care, and social care for adults.

We will explore common eating disorder presentations in the general setting.

The course will give participants the opportunity to be involved in a series of simulated scenarios using actors and will use an established debrief model to assist participants to learn positively and constructively from this experience. We aim to include members of the interprofessional team for each delivery, including medical doctors, psychiatrists, RMNs, primary care nurses, nurse practitioners, and medical nurses, dieticians, family therapists, social workers, and support workers working within mental health and acute medical services.

National guidance and practitioners with lived experience have been consulted in the development of this course.

Learning objectives

After completing this course we aim that those attending will:

  • Develop confidence in how to interact with t and support individuals living with an eating disorder
  • Improve knowledge of managing the mental health and physical health complexities of patients presenting with an eating disorder
  • Develop an increased understanding of legal frameworks relevant to individuals suffering from an eating disorder
  • Be aware of family and support network involvement in eating disorder management and develop an understanding of potential complexities in support network dynamics
  • Be aware of difficulties for individuals with eating disorders transition from Child and Young People Services to Adult Services
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Target audience
Nurses, Doctors, HCAs, Support Workers, OTs, Dieticians, Family therapists.
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Length and time
17/01/2024 09:00-17:00
8 hours
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