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Mental health is more than three times as likely to impact absenteeism than physical health, according to a 2021 study. What’s more, 60% of employees said they’d recommend their organisation if their employer took action to support mental wellbeing (Mind, 2013).

Despite this, only 17% of UK managers feel very confident in their ability to support colleagues experiencing mental health issues (The HR Director, 2018).

Maudsley Learning offer a number of existing or bespoke courses run by field-leading experts in mental health. They aim to improve mental health awareness and understanding in your workforce, as well as equip them with some basic intervention skills.

Maudsley Learning is part of the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (SLaM), which is the provider of the most extensive portfolio of mental health services in the UK. We’re an experienced team of practising clinicians and mental health experts, so you’ll only receive workplace mental health training from qualified professionals.

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Benefits of mental health training

Reduce absenteeism

If you educate people on where to find support, and have some basic intervention skills in place, you’ll be able to support your employees better. As a result, they may take less time off work, reducing absenteeism in your business overall.

Greater awareness

Training will help people to spot the signs of poor mental health better. Not only that, it will give them a greater understanding of what experiencing mental illness is like, so they can be more empathetic to those around them.

Enhance workplace culture

Training and awareness will help people who experience mental health issues to feel more comfortable at work. This kind of supportive workplace culture can help you retain talent for longer.

How it works

You can book on to our courses in one of two ways: as an individual or as an organisation. If you’re looking to boost your CV or want to learn more as part of your CPD, you can choose from one of our courses below. Alternatively, if your organisation wants to make a group booking, you can contact us to arrange a call. From here, we can discuss your unique requirements, and create a bespoke course tailored to your needs.

There is flexibility in regard to how the courses are delivered. Some courses are run in-person in London. However, we also have a number of online courses available too, so you can join from almost anywhere.

Teaching methods can vary from course to course. If you opt for an online course, sometimes these will consist of pre-recorded materials, so you can learn at your own pace. Live sessions can involve a combination of talks from expert speakers, group discussions, role play scenarios and simulation training. In short, we have lots of options available to best match what you’re looking for.

Why choose Maudsley Learning?

Learn from the experts

We’re a team of psychologists, psychiatrists, researchers and mental health professionals. As a result, you’ll only receive the most accurate, up-to-date information on the topic. Our training staff are at the forefront of their chosen fields and are qualified professionals.


With lots of choice available, you can choose to receive the training online or in-person, and via a variety of learning methods. If you’re an organisation, you can also get in touch to discuss bespoke courses, which are tailored to your unique requirements.

Workplace mental health training courses

Commissioned options

Group bookings

Maudsley Learning has a full range of courses to meet the needs of your organisation. Most can be delivered to you flexibly and tailored to your requirements. Discounted rates are available for group bookings.

Bespoke courses

We are able to offer custom-made programs, whether digital or face to face, to meet the education and training needs of your organisation in the UK or internationally. 


We value research and knowledge-sharing and will continue to contribute to the literature base on mental health education, addressing important research questions in this exciting field.

Frequently asked questions

Why is mental health training important in the workplace?

Mental health training is important because it can positively impact absenteeism, create a more supportive workplace culture and retain employees for longer. It creates an environment where employees feel comfortable talking about their issues, and means others can spot when someone may be in need of help.

What does mental health training include?

Training can include talks from expert speakers, group discussions, live role play, simulation training and individual tasks. Some online courses will mainly consist of pre-recorded materials.