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Protected: Liberty protection safeguards – September 2021

General hospital

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Upcoming Date: 15/09/2021
Upcoming Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Length: 1 Day
Cost: Free
Equivalent to 6 CPD hours

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Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) - Maudsley Learning

The LPS were introduced in the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Act 2019 and were designed to simplify the process of authorising the care and treatment of a person who lacks capacity to consent to it, where it constitutes a deprivation of liberty. The LPS system introduces new structures, roles, and responsibilities for NHS organisations so it is essential that frontline staff and managers understand the implementation of LPS before they come into effect.  The LPS are intended to come into force in April 2022, replacing DoLS to provide a new legal framework for deprivation of liberty. 

This course is run by leading legal and clinical experts in the field of mental health and mental capacity law. We will outline the legal and procedural changes and provide practical advice and case examples to help general and psychiatric hospital staff navigate the new system. The key issues covered include: 

  1. how to identify a deprivation of liberty in different clinical scenarios, including A&E/ICU,  long-stay wards, and psychiatric settings
  2. the core changes between DoLS and the LPS, including the responsibilities of NHS hospital Trusts (both acute and psychiatric) and new professional roles
  3. the interface between the LPS and the Mental Health Act 1983 in both medical and psychiatric hospital settings

We will use case studies and interactive sessions to make the course memorable and enjoyable. We will ensure participants go away with a set of practical skills and a knowledge base which will have a direct and positive impact on their practice and the patients they care for. 

Please note that, at the time of writing, the DHSC has committed to publishing the draft Code of Practice and Regulations to accompany the LPS in the spring of 2021.  If the event that they are not available by the date of the course, the outlines of the new system are clear and the course content for the day will be adjusted accordingly.   








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Learning Objectives

What you will learn from taking this course:

  • Describe the Liberty Protection Safeguards (LPS) and how they will be implemented, focusing on hospital settings
  • Identify when a person in hospital is deprived of their liberty (including in emergency settings) and when a person can give advance consent to their confinement
  • Understand the differences between the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS) and the Liberty Protection Safeguards
  • Understand the role of different professionals under the Liberty Protection Safeguards, including the Approved Mental Capacity Professionals (AMCPs)
  • Understand how the Liberty Protection Safeguards relate to care and treatment decisions under the Mental Capacity Act
  • Understand the interface between the Liberty Protection Safeguards and the Mental Health Act, and when to use which framework

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Target audience

Consultant – non-psychiatry any, Doctors, FY1, FY2, FY3, Medical student, Midwife, Nurses, Nursing student, RGN, RMN, Student

Length & Time
This course will be taking place online.
1 Day

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Really helpful course and highly relevant
and useful to everyday work.
GP - London
The fusion of Education and the Health Service is extremely exciting and now indeed essential; I am thrilled that St Mary’s is at the forefront of this. I am truly invigorated to disseminate many nuggets of wisdom and tangible strategies gained yesterday to my entire school community.
Assistant Headteacher - London