Lucy Owen

Freelance creative producer

Lucy Owen is a freelance creative producer and works with a wide range of artists from those that are part of the establishment to those that are marginalised. She has over twenty years’ experience working across creative disciplines in film, theatre, publishing and live events specialising in societal, collaborative projects.

She has worked with Bethlem Gallery since 2013. Bethlem Gallery provides a professional platform for artists who have experienced mental health difficulties and is situated on the grounds of Bethlem Royal Hospital.

Lucy initiated and leads Bethlem Gallery’s Mental Health and Justice project. The project has Wellcome Trust funding for four years and is now in its final year. She is part of a team who commission and support artists and facilitators bringing people together across the delineations of service user, clinician, patient, public, artist and researcher to encourage conversations and learning through art practices.The project influences, and is influenced by current research into two fundamental duties: the duty to protect people in contexts where they can be vulnerable, and the duty to respect their agency and autonomy.