Mental health first aid – blended qualification

Developed and delivered in partnership with First Aid For Life

The Maudsley Learning & First Aid For Life accredited mental health first aid programme,  includes an 10-hour self-directed online pre-learning and a 1-day live practical session. Each component can be undertaken separately but this will not qualify you as a first aider. A certificate of completion will be issued, however.

This course is delivered as blended learning with e-learning as pre-learning and a live, virtual day run by clinicians from the Maudsley Hospital. The focus is on offering transferable skills to de-escalate situations, help manage challenging behaviour as well as providing a clear framework to help someone struggling with their mental health and a wealth of resources too.

This mental health first aid training course will teach you how to recognise warning signs of mental ill health and help you develop the skills and confidence to approach and support someone, whilst keeping yourself safe. We help you develop resilience, learn new ways to cope with stress, advise on sleeping better and equip you with a wealth of resources to be able to confidently help someone struggling with their mental health.

This online course will provide you with the knowledge to spot specific warning signs that an adult or child could be struggling with a mental health condition, it explains how to initiate a supportive conversation, explore healthier lifestyle choices and links to the wealth of additional support available if someone needs further help.

The scope of this mental health first aid course is not to learn to diagnose or treat mental health conditions as this should only be done by appropriately trained healthcare professionals. However, you will be guided in identifying signs someone might be struggling and we will equip you with a methodology to appropriately support them and a directory of people where you can signpost them for help. 

mental health first aid online

To become qualified a candidate must complete a 10-hour self-directed online module followed by a one-day practical course (face-to-face or live online).

    1. 10-hour online pre-learning module (self-directed) 
    2. Mental Health First Aid remote masterclass (practical session) 

Dates available:

14th October

Price: £346 per person




































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