This week, Alex meets with Lisa, a CBT therapist at the Anxiety Disorders Residential Unit. The ADRU specialises in severe cases of anxiety conditions such as social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). The patients at the ADRU undergo an intensive 12 to 16-week residential programme with the goal of helping them understand their condition and develop better-coping strategies to help manage their condition in their day-to-day lives. Alex and Lisa discuss how the ADRU works, what a patient there is likely to expect, the value of cognitive behaviour therapy as well as compassion-focused therapy, the role of trauma in these conditions, and how these conditions can be viewed holistically.

Interviewed by Dr Alex Curmi

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Meet the host:

  • Dr Alexander Curmi

    Aside from general adult psychiatry, Alex has special interests in psychotherapy, mindfulness meditation and medical education.

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  • Dr Anya Borissova

    Anya is an academic clinical fellow training in psychiatry at SlaM. Anya is passionate about making it easier for everyone to access the latest in psychiatric research.

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    Meet the panel

    • Dr Rebecca Wilkinson

      Rebecca is a core trainee psychiatrist in the South London and Maudsley NHS trust.

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