Dr. Sukhdip Bahia

Director of Medical Education at Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Sukhdip Bahia brings a wealth of experience garnered from diverse roles, seamlessly integrating his managerial prowess as a former Deputy Director of Medical Education, strategic insights as a Clinical Director, and firsthand expertise as a consultant in a dynamic healthcare setting.

Born in London and educated in Manchester, Dr. Bahia's academic journey in Medicine and Psychiatry, complemented by a diploma in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, underscores his dedication to a comprehensive approach in mental healthcare. His career encompasses various specialties in general adult psychiatry, and he currently channels his skills towards the Early Intervention Service, where his impact is both immediate and enduring. Notably, Dr. Bahia has played pivotal roles as the Training Programme Director for North West London and as the Deputy Director for Medical Education at CNWL, making substantial contributions to the advancement of medical education and the delivery of quality healthcare.