Dr. Geraldine Strathdee C.B.E. O.B.E. Hon. FRCPsych
Dr Strathdee has had a portfolio career as a frontline NHS clinician, and as an academic, medical manager, policy maker, regulator, global improvement consultant, and leader innovator.
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Topic: Community care: are we getting it right?

Do we think any Country has the ‘best’ model of Mental Health care?
What’s the learning about the optimal way to ensure evidence into routine BAU practice? Is this a nirvana we can’t achieve?
How can we strengthen the inclusion of patients, families and Carers in Community care models?


  • Professor Roberto Mezzina

    Regional Vice President, World Federation of Mental Health and Director of the International School “Franca and Franco Basaglia – The Practice of Freedom”

  • Professor Tim Kendall

    National Clinical Director for Mental Health, NHS England

  • Dr Livia Martucci

    Consultant in Perinatal Psychiatry and Clinical Lead for SLaM Community Perinatal

  • Dr Georgios Basdanis

    Higher Trainee at SLaM and chair of the higher trainees committee with a special interest in Liaison Psychiatry