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Mental health education

Although we offer a range of ready-made courses, we realise that your organisation may require a unique approach to course development and training.

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List of all courses:

Assessment, intervention, and care for older people with alcohol use disorders

Assessment and mental state simulation training

ADHD in primary care

Autism Train the Trainer Programme

Approaching complex capacity assessments

Approved clinician introductory course

Approved clinician refresher course

Assessing parents with mental health difficulties

Body dysmorphic disorder in young people

Building on the foundations

Children and Young People Autism Train the Trainer Programme experts by experience

Children and Young People Autism Train the Trainer Programme for Inpatient Facilities

CAMHS Approved Clinician induction and refresher

Cannabis Clinic for Patients with Psychosis

Closing the gap

CBT for functional neurological disorders

Coroner's inquests for mental health professionals

Crisis and home treatment simulation training

Creating a mental health friendly school

CAMHS Crisis Simulation Training

Difficult to treat psychosis

Dementia assessment and support

Defining psychiatry

Debrief skills for mental health simulation

DOVE: Domestic Violence Education

Eating disorders: basic awareness training

Essentials of community management of substance misuse

Exploring psychiatry as a career conference

Early intervention and prevention in children’s mental health (EPiC – MH)

Foundation skills in mental health

Foundation skills in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Findings from the ACCEPT autism study

Foundation skills in perinatal mental health

Foundation skills in student mental health

Facilitators course for The Fostering Changes Programme

Grief and loss in the time of a pandemic

Health change conversations in primary care

Healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy lives

Inspirational medical teaching - 5 days

Introduction to adult ASD

Latest updates in substance dependence and misuse

Liaison Psychiatry School

Liberty protection safeguards

Launching the Autism Core Capabilities rEPosiTory: Our findings from the ACCEPT project

Learning together simulation day

Mental health first aid blended course

Mental Health Simulation Development Toolkit

Medical update for mental health

Mental Capacity Act core skills in assessment

Mental health skills for student support workers

Mind and body leadership learning network

Section 12 refresher course

Mental Health: Inpatient Care

Maudsley Learning faculty development session

MSc Psychiatric Research Simulation session

MAPPA Introduction and latest updates

Minding the gaps

Maudsley Guidelines for Physical Health book launch and webinar

Mental health awareness for acute trusts

Mental health and wellbeing in Acute Trusts showcase

Mental health first aid for children and young people (Blended course)

Managing young people with physical and mental health co-morbidity

Mental health in the workplace

Mental health and wellbeing at work

Non-drug treatments for depression

New and emerging treatments in psychiatry

Neuropsychiatry in a day

Nutritional interventions in mental health

On Trac Online

PTSD in Primary Care

Perinatal mental health for midwives

Principles of personal wellbeing

Perinatal mental health simulation training

Perinatal mental health and the law

Physical health care for people with severe mental illness

Place of Safety Simulation Course

Practising psychiatric competencies

Prescribing psychotropics in physical illness

PROTECT a novel approach to suicide prevention training

PROTECT Suicide prevention for university student support

Psychiatry update for primary care

Perinatal mental wellbeing

Primary care suicide prevention

PROTECT Advanced suicide prevention training

Promoting mental wellbeing in the perinatal period

Promoting mental health for pharmacy patients

Psychological interventions for adolescents with psychosis

Responding to trauma

Return to work: personal skills & wellbeing workshop for health and social care staff

Return to work: multi-professional mental health simulation course

Section 12 introductory course

Supporting dementia patients with end of life care

Suicide prevention for the COVID era - PEARLS

Supporting team wellbeing during COVID

Supporting the mental wellbeing of your team

Seni’s Law: Detention and Race Interrogated

Sleep medicine for mental health and general practitioners

Student mental health skills for academics and tutors

SHRINE sexual health and mental health interface simulation course

Simulation course for new CAMHS practitioners

Skills for health conversations

SEL ICS Staff Wellbeing Engagement Events


Supporting Transition for People with Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health Needs from Child to Adult Services

Slam Dunk return to work

Treatment resistant depression

The Eating Disorders Services for Adults

Therapeutic working with parents with mental health difficulties

Understanding and treating eating disorders

Using the Professional Tree of Life with staff

Understanding and supporting autistic adults in mental health services

Using Moss-PAS for mental health assessments: online course

Understanding mental health and wellbeing

Understanding loss and bereavement

Virtual Reality pilot course – reducing restrictive practices

Working with parents with mental health difficulties

Working with families and networks

Working in inpatient CAMHS

Wellbeing in the workplace for primary care

Wellbeing for Primary Care

Wellbeing in action

Wellbeing in the workplace

Transition to CAMHs SPR

MANTRA Training Programme

Meeting the Health Needs of People with Learning Disabilities

Online teaching: overcoming the challenges

Mental health awareness and the general hospital

Managing challenging situations for non clinical staff

Mental health crisis in the emergency department (PsychED)

Reducing Restraint and Improving Safe Practice in Acute Care

Senior Nursing Management Mental Health Course

Level 3: Putting Mind & Body skills into practice (for adults)

Preparation for Consultanthood

Level 3: Putting Mind & Body Skills into Practice (CYP)

Autism Train the Trainer Training for Adult Mental Health Inpatient Settings

London-wide CYP mental health Masterclass

London-wide CYP mental health Simulation course

London-wide CYP mental health Train-the-trainer course

Zero to four: Maudsley infant mental health conference 2022

Mental healthcare in the UK

Managing challenging clinical situations for clinical support workers (bands 2-4)

Paediatric Mental Health (Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust)

Advancing simulation debriefing - one day course

Supporting refugees with mental health needs

Development and delivery of CAARMS for psychosis - supervisor course

Development and delivery CAARMS for psychosis - practitioner course (NHS England)

Nursing Undergrad Simulation

Nurse Associates Simulation Session (SLaM/HEE)

Primary care update bitesize modules

Wellbeing in action bitesize modules

The Coroner's Court course

Managing transitions from CAMHS for people with autism

Specialist mental health paramedic course

Mental health update for Pharmacists: Masterclass

Mental wellbeing update for pharmacists: Simulation

Individual Placement and Support Practitioner Training

Advanced choice document

Supporting autistic people with a learning disability

Assessment and treatment of alcohol use disorders: the Alcohol Care Team approach

CAMHS Developmental Trauma Course

Simulation suite launch event

Children and young people’s mental health in general hospital settings

Making challenging clinical decisions

Emergency team simulation

Psychiatric In-Patient Simulation

Secondary intervention simulation

Personal wellbeing skills for success at university

Comprehensive Assessment of At-Risk Mental States (CAARMS) practitioner training

Physical health care course for mental health professionals

Skills for health change conversation - masterclass

Advanced managing challenging situations for non clinical staff

Eating disorder for adults simulation course

Eating disorders for children and young people simulation course

National conference on psychosis prevention

Skills for health change conversation - Simulation

Advanced managing challenging situations for non clinical staff - Masterclass

Senior leadership training on Mental Health Care

Sharing of the Mapping Exercise for Mental Health Simulation Across London

Seni Lewis Training Programme: Level 1 (eLearning)

Managing behavioural disturbance in the general hospital

Introduction to Supporting Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing of Adults with a Learning Disability

Service User Network (SUN) Project symposium

MANTRA Training Programme - 2 days course

Physician associates course - Assessment and mental state

Physician associates simulation course

Models of care for repeat and frequent users of mental health services

Psychopharmacology update and psychological skills for treating schizophrenia

Inspirational medical teaching 2 days course

Sirens Call – SWASFT Student Paramedic Simulation

Symposium on Schizophrenia

Reducing restrictive practice: train the trainer course

Perinatal Mental Health- Train the Trainer

Anxiety in the workplace: mental health skills for managers and colleagues

Understanding the patient journey Masterclass: MDD and PTSD

Virtual Reality Champions - Train the Trainer Course

Cannabis and Psychosis

An introduction to the Mental Capacity Act and Mental Health Act

Mental Health Liaison Simulation

Mental health first aid for peer support workers

New and emerging treatments in psychiatry for neuraxpharm - One day symposium

Duty Senior Nurse Training

SWAMPI-CYP: Simulation Workshop at the Mental-Physical Interface for Children and Young People

Mental health simulation conference 2024

Reducing Restraint and Improving Safe Practice in Acute Care - one day course

Mental health skills for physician associates - eLearning

Introduction to the Mental Capacity Act and Mental Health Act

MSc CAMHS simulation

Physician Associate: Children and young people’s mental health

Psychosis updates from the Maudsley/IoPPN Clinical Academic Group (Maudsley Symposium)

Paediatric Neuropsychiatry

Managing challenging healthcare conversations

Maudsley addictions symposium 2024

Talking about mental health

Annual updates in bipolar disorder

Talk debrief day: Hot debriefs for mental health clinicians

Mental health: Understanding our communities - It's not the same for everyone

Motivational interviewing

Structured Interview for Bipolar At Risk States (SIBARS)

Motivational Interviewing: Simulation Day

CASC preparation course

Mindfulness training programme

Essential Debrief Train the Trainer

Transference-Focused Psychotherapy (One-year course)

Transference-Focused Psychotherapy - second-year course